Muscle & FitnessAntrenman ve Fitness ProgramlarıNasıl Yapılacağını Bilmediğiniz Yoga Hareketleri İçin Instagram’da Size Yardımcı Bir Yogi Var

Nasıl Yapılacağını Bilmediğiniz Yoga Hareketleri İçin Instagram’da Size Yardımcı Bir Yogi Var

Çok önemli bir meseleyi masaya yatırıyoruz: bu, bir acayip yoga hareketleri nasıl yapılıyor?

Instagramda saatlerce birbirinden güzel yoga fotoğraflarına bakarken bu konuyu yazmak istedik. Bu değişik yoga pozları nasıl yapılıyor? Alexzandra Peters, bakmalara doyamadığımız fotoğraflara sahip yogilerden biri. Onu özel kılan ise yoga pozisyonlarını nasıl yaptığını anlattığı videoları. Yani Alexzandra pozları deşifre etmenize ve kendiniz de uygulayabilmenize oldukça yardımcı oluyor.

Alexzandra Peters yoga yapmaya üniversite yıllarında bir depresyon sürecinden kurtulmak için başlamış.

Working on Kapotasana? Try out this modification with the yoga wheel, it’s a wonderful prep for the full pose! Be sure to do all the yummy warmups before getting into it, your front and back body want to be completely open and warmed up. So that means: Stretching your shoulders, hammies, quads, upper and lower spine, hip flexors. – Once you lean back onto the wheel and find that you can’t yet grab the wheel, feel free to place a strap (or Belt) inside the wheel and grab onto that. Over time you can work on walking your hands closer to the wheel so you can grab it. – Work on pressing the hips forward and glutes off of the wheel, finding length and opening the heart space. – Take your time here, repecte your body and don’t try and force the pose ☺️❤️ Swipe left to see how I got Into it :)!

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Bir ayrılık sonrası girdiği depresyondan kurtulmak için arayışa girdiği sırada yoga ile tanışmış.


Gittiği ilk derste yogaya âşık olduğunu dile getiriyor.

These poses aren’t easy. No pose really is when you’re just learning and trying to figure it out.All asanas take work, patience, practice, breathe, fail, falls, focus, passion, love, forgiveness, gratitude and most of all, time. I like to create these post because it’s important to know that these crazy asanas do not happen over night, most of them take months, even years. To be able to execute one pose (such as this one) you have to work on your entire body, especially the mind. So remember to be gentle with your self, respect your limit and find gratitude for your practice, no matter where you are, in this journey. Warm ups: 5 sun salutations, work on your forward fold for 2-3 minute (standing and seated), triangle, extended side angle, reverse warrior, bound half moon, extended hand to toe, birds of paradise, gate pose, revolved seated wide angle, splits, frog pose, pigeon, all the yummy side bends you can think of 😊 Wearing @lalalandcomfywear

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Bu süreyi takip eden 3 yıl boyunca kendisini yogi olmak ve yogayı başkalarına da öğretebilmek için iyice geliştirmiş.


Esnekliği ile ilgili gelen sorulara kendi websitesinde detaylı bir açıklama da yapmış,

Compass pose- one of my favorites because I’m addicted to yummy side body stretches!😍😍 This is one of those poses that took me a long time to figure out how the body got into it & how to feel comfortable without forcing myself (potentially hurting myself, I’ve pulled a few muscles in the past from trying to do this- part of being a home practitioner, not doing my research and not enrolling in YTT🤷🏻‍♀️😂). -Notice how my back is against the wall, creating a straight and supported spine. This is where you want to start. It also help you keep alignment with the top shoulder and reminds you not to let the top shoulder roll forward. Try to keep it pressing against the wall. – I’m using my lower shoulder and pressing it into my lifted leg. – In the full pose, my top elbow is still slightly bent. – my chest is slightly lifted and rotated in the opposite direction of my lifted leg – sit bones are both on the ground & I’m rooting down through the outer shin and knee Tips: – You can work on straightening and bending the arm that’s holding onto the strap (I didn’t do this in the video but it’s a wonderful exercise and helps you understand where your current limit is). – Take your time entering this pose. Use the grounded block if the hand on the ground is a little too much. You shouldn’t feel any pinching or shortness of breath. – Over time, work on straightening out the top are and rolling it up close to the foot. Warmups: 5 sun salutations, Forward fold, triangle, extended side angle, reverse warrior, bound half-moon, extended hand to big toe, bird of paradise, gate pose, revolved seated wide angle, center split Wearing @aloyoga ☺️

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Çoğu yogi gibi o da inanılmaz derecede esnek ve dengeli. Bu esnekliğin temeli olarak 5-12 yaşları arasında yaptığı jimnastik ve cheerleader çalışmalarını gösteriyor. Ancak bu çalışmaların yogaya başladığında çoktan geri kalmış olduğunu da söylüyor.


Alexzandra instagram hesabı ile 260 bini aşkın bir takipçi sayısına ulaşmış.

The other day I was asked “What’s the hardest part about being a Yoga teacher?”. I unfortunately immediately knew the answer. Once you become a teacher, it’s easily to slip and start to slack on your self-practice. The nights or days you’d usually be taking a class, you’re teaching one (not complaining by any means, Teaching is my passion. I love It with my entire being❤️). But for me, the hardest part about teaching is spending less time on my personal practice. Between working full time as a paralegal assistant, teaching classes, workshops & events, farming, and making home repairs, Eric and I catering weddings, I have 0 time to make it to a class if I want some what of a social life😂🤷🏻‍♀️. So I decided to make a 1,000% commitment to myself – to show up for myself, to show up on my mat 6 days a week taking classes via online on @codyapp . I’m super excited to go home after work, and take a class before I have to teach one tonight 😊😅! Wearing @aloyoga

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Dünyayı yoga çalışmalarını başkaları ile paylaşmak, daha çok öğretmek ve mükemmel manzaralar eşliğinde yoga pozları vermek için geziyor.


Alexzandra’nın asıl işi ise bu değil,

Keyif ve öğretme isteği ile yaptığı bu işi yogi tam zamanlı olarak yapmıyor. Full time çalıştığı başka bir işi var. Üstelik işi söylediğimizde oldukça şaşırabilirsiniz kendisi bir noter ve avukat yardımcısı. Burada bir şeyler yapmak için kendine zaman ayıramayanlar ya da işini bahane edenlere Alexzandra’nın bu yönünü de göstermek isteriz.


Yoginin en sevdiğimiz yanı ise nasıl yapıldığına nereden başlandığına bir türlü anlam veremediğimiz pozları,

Hi Friends☺️ Good Morning & Happy Motivation Monday 🙌 I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding splits, like: “How long till I see progress in my split?” – well that depends, if you’re practice them every day for at lest 30 minutes… probably a week or two! If you want to gain flexibility in your split you should really practice them every day if you want to see progress. Deeping a split takes an extremely long time, the muscles are stubborn & still so you need to baby them and stretch them as often as possible. “What kind of stretches can I do to deepen my center split?” There are hundred of stretches you can do but I’ll name a few: Goddess, malasana, butterfly, forward fold, wide leg forward fold, goddess against the wall (show in this video), leg lifts (shown in this video), lunges, narrow center split(hold for 3 minutes), wide leg center split (hold for 2-3 minutes), center split against the wall, legs up the wall center split (hold for 3 minutes). ** Best advice I’ve ever received was: If you want to deepen your split always practice over splits. You’ll see me doing this at the end of the video. You’re probably thinking “I can’t over split like you” – that’s okay! Over split just means that your adding blocks or a prop under your legs, it doesn’t have to be as intense as I show in the video. You adjust to where you are in YOUR practice. You can do this even if you cant lay your belly flat, or even if your forearms can go down. – I’ll show you examples later this afternoon in my story 😊 🎼 ❤️ by @xavierruddofficial

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Videolar eşliğinde gösteriyor olması. Ayrıca bu videolarda yoga bloklarını ve ayarlanabilen kemerleri nasıl kullanabileceğinizi de gösteriyor. Böylece yogaya başlayacak ya da ileri seviyede olup olmaması fark etmeksizin oldukça keyifli bir rehber yaratmış oluyor.


Alexzandra yogada asana denilen bizim poz diye adlandırdığımız mükemmel duruşlarını,

anjaneyasana – a truly beautiful & super intense pose. 💛 It's taken me 5 years to be able to do it (and it's no where near perfect or 100% comfortable). But i'm proud of where I'm at and you should be too!😘🙌 This is the most effective modification that I've been trying. The blocks support the lift in your chest and the strap helps with the flexibility in your shoulders. You can take it to ANY level when you're ready 🙂 I used 5 blocks here- the height will depend on your height. You want them stacked in between the shoulderbaldes so they press your heart heigh. Warm ups: High lunge, low lunch, pigeon, fire log, goddess, all the splits Cobra, up-dog, superman, variations of puppy pose, bow, bridge, wheel, camel, dancer All the yummy shoulder warmups Swipe left to see video 🙂

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Dünyanın dört bir yanında ölümsüzleştirerek instagramda takipçileri ile paylaşmaya devam ediyor.


Herkesin, yaş, dil, cinsiyet ya da herhangi bir özellik fark etmeksizin yoga yapabileceğine inanıyor,

Straddle lift is a pose that I believe is truly underestimated for the amount of strength that’s necessary in order to lift both legs. It forking hard. Like really hard. So if you’ve been practicing it and just can’t seem to get it, I hear you. I was once there experiencing that same frustrating and doubt. Until I started practicing them with blocks!😍🙌 I feel like props. Get such a bad rep. like their a sign of weakness. I assure you, that if you use props. Its not weakness. They allow and assist growth and for me it brought confidence. Tips for straddle lift: Start with two blocks under your heels Toes are pointed & legs are engaged the entire time (this helps make the lift feel lighter) Core is engaged entire time Push, push, push and push some more in your shoulders!!! ** Hand placement Beginners: One hand in front of the body, one in back Intermediate: Both hands in front. ** If the lift feels easy, try alternating feet and picking them off of the block and setting them back down **Also try removing one block and practicing the lift with a little more body weight ** When you’re ready, remove both blocks & practice, practice, Practice!!❤️❤️

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Kendisine sıkça sorulan ve istenilen esnekliklere hızlıca ulaşmak için ise günlük 1 saatlik tekrarların mutlak olduğunu düşünüyor.


Alexzandranın mükemmel fotoğraflarına ve videolarına biz bakmaya doyamıyoruz!

Mükemmel Fotoğraflara İmza Atan Nü Yoga Fotoğrafçısı İle Tanışın!


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