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İdeal Fit Vücut Anlayışınızı Sarsacak Instagram Fenomeni

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Herkesin sahip olmak istediği ancak çoğu kişinin pek çaba harcamadığı kalanların ise dişini tırnağına taktığı ideal fit vücut… Peki gerçekten böyle bir vücut var mı? Beslenme ve antrenman programı uygulamak; bunları düzenli bir şekilde yapmak ve sağlıklı yaşamak için gereken tüm faktörleri düzenleyebilmek emek istiyor. Karşılığında ise size “ideal fit vücut” bahşediliyor. Ancak selülitsiz sıkı bacaklarınızın, güçlü kaslarınızın, incecik vücut ölçülerinizin olması her zaman ideal vücuda sahip olacağınızı göstermiyor…

Instagram özellikle fitness bloggerlarınca yaygın olarak kullanılan bir sosyal medya platformu. Birçok kişi fitnessa başlama kararını instagram üzerinde gördükleri o mükemmel ideal vücutlara bakarak alıyor. Gerçi bu iyi bir başlangıç. Ancak her gördüğünüz vücudun her an “mükemmel” olmadığını bilmeniz gerekir.

Şişkinlikler, intoleranslar, kamera ışığı, poz verme şekliniz… Bunların hepsi sizin fotoğraflarda bir illüzyon yaratmanıza ve olduğunuzdan daha başka gözükmenize neden olan faktörlerdir.

Instagram üzerinde de sizi motive edebileceği gibi depresyona sürükleyebilecek güzellikte ideal vücut fotoğrafları mevcut. Neyse ki bazı fenomenler reelde işlerin nasıl yürüdüğünü de eklemeden geçmiyor.

Insragram fenomeni fitfenji sizinle vücudunun her hâlini paylaşmak istiyor:

Do other people get a round belly like me all the time 🤰🤷‍♀️.. As soon as I have food at the moment BANG 💥💥 But I think it's also cause I'm not being strict with food as I am concentrating on uni and gains (😂😜💪) and I don't seem to have the ability to balance making food to go along with both 🙅🤔 So at the moment I'm pretty sure it's the combination of foods that I struggle to digest, stress and just simply eating MOREEEE 😜🤗😏 I actually can't believe I'm 'bulking' 😂😂 I find this whole process hilarious and amazing.. I just find everything hilarious really… Anyway…. Gains are coming and my entire legs are ACHING and I love it 🔥🔥 Up tomorrow at 6am (sleep in for me 😉)- to do it all again cause NO MATTER WHAT I am getting shit done… Tomorrow I am going to wake up feeling good and strong and capable because I'm learning to change my perspective and that's how it's done… SHIFT STUFF. Negative to positive ✨😏🙏 till then.. SLEEEEEEPPPPP 😴

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Hem sporun ve iyi beslenmenin gücünü gösteriyor…


Hem de işlerin her zaman göründüğü gibi olmadığına dikkat çekiyor…


Azıcık kambur durunca sizin de hemen göbeğiniz çıkmıyor mu?

Beauty comes from within 💙💙 It comes from kindness and compassion. From love and honesty. From sharing and being vulnerable. There is no 'perfect' way to be. Only a perceived 'perfection' that we had no control over to begin with. Someone somewhere decided something and we are just born to accept it. WELL FUCK THAT… We are ALL BEAUTIFUL 😏🙌.. Whoever we are! Underneath our 'outsides' lives our spiritual selves. Our inner child. The innocent, fragile and courageous version of ourselves that gets lost with all the 'masks' and layers we put on top to 'present' ourselves a certain way. A way we perceive others want to see us. Well what if we stopped worrying about what they thought and started worrying about what we think? After picking apart the left photo for far too long and debating whether to share, I thought it's these photos that are the MOST IMPORTANT.. The ones where I 'shame' my body… Cause life is SO MUCH MORE than that.. And no- that's not bloating (for once 😬😂)… that's just belly fat ☺️😏😜 from being human ☺️😚 xx

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Biraz ışık biraz poz…

The constant battle for self acceptance and self love ❤🤔🙏 I have spent so much of my life wanting to be someone else. Someone different. I used to think 'if only I was this person, or had this, or looked like that…..' But if I still had my head, I definitely wouldn't be happy 😝😩.. For some reason, I was put on this earth to fight for it it. To struggle and to learn. I spent many years running from myself with drugs. Numbing the pain of life with heroin. Waiting for it all to just pass me by. But something changed 💥☄️. I started to believe in myself. I started to love my body and its capabilities 😍💪.. After having a miscarriage, I learnt I could have a child one day- after years of abuse from drugs, my body is still working 🙏✨❤ It's unbelievable…. So instead of the constant put downs, I decide to keep pushing forward. To cherish and to love my body- no matter what it looks like. I am an imperfectly perfect woman. Sending out body positive vibes tonight 😍🙋🌟 May you celebrate your uniqueness and remember just how special you are xxxxx

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İşte tam da böyle!

We live in a world that profits off our insecurities. A world that promises we will be happy when….. When we own this, or look like that. So when I put all my effort into owning the latest things and looking a certain way I was so confused as to why I still wasn't happy?? Was I missing something?? Did I not buy the right brand? Did I need to lose just a couple more kilos? What we don't get taught, is that we actually don't need all that external stuff. That real happiness doesn't come in the form of looking a certain way or owning the latest gadget. Real happiness comes from gratitude, acceptance and faith. So even though I find these posts EXTREMELY hard to share, I truly believe at my core, that which makes us different, makes us happy and thus, beautiful 🌾🌟 Going against the grain is HARD. Putting myself out there is HARD. Reading awful comments is HARD. But mannnnn, reading one simple 'thank you' from someone who is struggling makes it ALL worth while! I'm sitting here smiling cause transcending this body shame feels SOOOO FUCKING GOOD. Cellulite, curves and all ❤️💃😍 #wecanbereal #perfectlyimperfect #ilovemybodybecause (@gofitjo 💋💋) xx

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Fitfenji için bu oldukça normal bir şey, sizin için de öyle!

Now you see it, now you don't 😜😏 Just felt like posting one of these for no other reason then #itscooltobereal ☝️❤️ You know what's attractive? Real, down to earth people. People who have a heart and who use it for love and compassion. People who are unapologetic about their BEAUTIFUL imperfections. People who are authentic, vulnerable and honest!! I love that shit!!!! I can't connect with fake people. I just feel uncomfortable about myself when in their company 😔. What I can connect with is real, raw vulnerability #noshame 😏 I want to spend LESS TIME worrying about pointless details and focus on the bigger picture 🌏🌺🌞I share this cause it's the opposite of what my head wants but exactly what my heart wants…. And right now, my heart is saying…. chocolate 😉😘

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